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Elk Liver, Bison Testicles, & Tallow Balm

Elk Liver, Bison Testicles, & Tallow Balm

Celebrating Three Years of Pioneering Nutrition with Tribe Vitamins: Embracing the Predator Within

As we step into the spirited Year of the Dragon 2024, Tribe Vitamins proudly marks its third anniversary. Our journey began with a groundbreaking vision: to encapsulate the raw power of nature in its purest form. We were the first to ever encapsulate raw freeze-dried 100% grass-fed, grass-finished bison organs, and wild elk organs… liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen, testicles, & more. But we didn't stop there; we also introduced the first 100% grass-fed, grass-finished bison tallow balm — the ultimate skin supplement and original skin superfood.

Embracing Our Inner Predator: The Wisdom of the Wild

Humans, the ultimate predators, have a lineage intertwined with the majestic bison and elusive elk, North America's indigenous treasures. These noble beasts roamed free long before domesticated animals like cows appeared. In the wild, alpha predators — wolves, bears, lions, and even whales — instinctively consume the liver, heart, and other organs first. This isn't mere savagery; it's nature's way of ensuring the strongest and healthiest survive and thrive. Remarkably, killer whales have been observed performing almost surgical strikes on great white sharks, targeting their most nutrient-rich organs. This mirrors our own nutritional wisdom, recognizing that the most potent nourishment comes from these primal sources.

The Original Superfood: Nourishment for Warriors, Mothers, and the Ailing

Before fences, pharmacies, and modern interventions, indigenous tribes revered bison liver and other organs as a superfood reserved for warriors, mothers, and the infirm. Packed with nearly every micronutrient in its most bioavailable form, these organs were the original multivitamins. Today, as we understand more about nutrition, we realize that these foods are rich in retinol, heme iron, B vitamins, zinc, copper, vitamins A, K2, selenium, and more. Our ancestors intuitively knew what 1970s doctors confirmed, winning a Nobel Peace Prize for curing anemia by feeding patients liver daily.

Doctor Recommended: Backed by Science and Tradition

Our biggest advocates are those in the know — healthcare professionals and even a cardiologist who stands as our most prominent supporter. Our formulations aren't random; they're meticulously crafted based on suggestions from those who understand the body's needs. This isn't just a supplement; it's a doctor-recommended pathway to resilience, robustness, and survival.

Tribe Vitamins: The Legacy of Survival and Thriving

As Tribe Vitamins celebrates three years, we're not just marking time; we're honoring a legacy. A legacy of survival, of thriving like the bison and elk that have endured for millennia. Our products are more than supplements; they're a testament to a way of life that honors strength, vitality, and the predator within. Join us in this celebration, and let's continue to thrive on the wisdom of the wild.