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Why Bison Liver is Better than Beef Liver

Why Bison Liver is Better than Beef Liver

The Superiority of 100% Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Bison Liver: A TribeVitamins Exposé

Embracing the Ancestral Power of Bison

For centuries, Indigenous Native Americans revered bison liver as a potent source of nutrition and healing. Warriors, mothers, and the ailing turned to this organ for its remarkable health benefits. Tribes like the Comanche followed the bison herds, understanding the profound connection between these majestic creatures and their own wellbeing. This historical reverence underscores the bison liver's profound impact on health and vitality, setting the stage for its modern appreciation.

Nutritional Supremacy of Bison Liver

TribeVitamins prides itself on delivering the finest 100% grass-fed grass-finished bison liver, packed with nutrients superior to those found in beef liver. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio along with all other micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins in bison liver is more favorable, supporting a healthier anti-inflammatory response and overall wellness. Here's a glimpse at the nutritional bounty you'll find in our bison liver capsules:

  • Vitamins: A treasure trove of vitamins including A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K, alongside vital lipotropics like choline and inositol.
  • Minerals: An abundance of essential minerals such as calcium, copper, heme iron, and zinc, fostering a multitude of bodily functions.
  • Amino Acids: A complete profile of amino acids, building blocks for proteins, essential for repair, growth, and health.

Bison liver isn't just nutritious; it contains some of the most sought-after nutrients in concentrations rarely found elsewhere. It's the preferred choice of predators in the wild, who instinctively consume it first for its rich content of high-quality protein, vitamin A, all B vitamins, especially B12, and an array of other vital nutrients.

Regenerative Agriculture and Ecological Benefits

Choosing American bison supports not just health but the planet. Bison play a crucial role in regenerative agriculture. Their natural behaviors, like fertilizing deeper rooted grasses and aerating the soil with their heavier bodies and sharper hooves, promote a healthier ecosystem than cow ranches.

The Bison Advantage: Strength, Resilience, and Purity

Bison symbolize strength and resilience. Faster and stronger than cows, they embody the rugged spirit of the American wilderness. Free from the detrimental practices often associated with cattle rearing, such as hormone treatments, castration, and unnecessary grain/corn/soy feeding, bison offer a purer, more robust source of nutrition.

Historical Legacy and Future Implications

Bison have roamed North America long before the introduction of fences and pharmaceuticals, unlike cows, which are a relatively recent addition to the continent. In a hypothetical world without fences, bison populations would thrive, reclaiming their ancestral lands, while cows might struggle to survive. Supporting bison is not just about choosing a superior product; it's about making an ecological and historical statement.

Voting with Your Dollars for a Better Future

Every purchase of TribeVitamins' bison liver capsules is a vote for a healthier, more sustainable future. By choosing American Bison over foreign cattle / cows, consumers directly contribute to the growth of a better, more resilient American bison population, reflecting a commitment to quality, sustainability, and ecological stewardship.

A First in Health and Wellness

TribeVitamins is proud to be the pioneer in offering 100% grass-fed grass-finished raw bison liver freeze-dried into convenient capsules. Recommended by a wide array of health professionals, including cardiologists, Chinese Medicine Doctors, and naturopaths, our product stands at the intersection of ancestral wisdom and modern health.


Choosing TribeVitamins' bison liver capsules is more than a health decision; it's a commitment to quality, ecology, and the profound wisdom of our ancestors. It's about nurturing strength, resilience, and vitality, not just in ourselves but in the world around us. Embrace the power of bison, and join us in a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future.