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“Liver is the most nutrient dense food we can eat. The concentration of minerals, vitamins, and mitochondria is so dense even just a bite will carry you through for a week. Plus you’re helping the butcher and the farmer by eating all parts of the animal.” ~ Tania Teschke (Wise Traditions Podcast - Weston A. Price)

Not only does TribeVitamins deeply resonate with Tanya’s sentiment above, but we also believe that not all liver is created equally. If “we are what we eat”, we’d rather deliver you food from wild-origins that are 100% GrassFed/Finished than domesticated-ones on grain. 

Across all cuts, Bison meat has a Healthier balance & LESS Fat, Calories, & Carbon Emissions than Beef, AND has MORE Creatine, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin B-12 & Zinc than beef.

Why consume liver from the more genetically-manipulated and domesticated cow brought over from foreign lands that decimate our lands & environment, when we can deliver you organ meats from our largest & national mammal, the American Bison, which also so happens to be a much more regenerative breed for our soil than the cow.

The National Bison Association explains that to understand the full story, we have to go back more than 120 years. Bison were the staple food of Native American tribes until the latter half of the 19th century, when their population was decimated by disease, reckless over-hunting, and anti-Indian U.S. government policy at the time. As a result, the health, culture, and economy of Native Americans has suffered since.

As the 1800’s came to a close, the American bison teetered on the brink of extinction. The more than 30 million animals roaming North America at one time had been decimated to the point where fewer than 600 remained alive.

Considering the indigenous peoples of North America heavily relied upon Bison herds for food, shelter, ceremony, & connection to Spirit, you can imagine how this impacted our tribes as "civilization" (symbolized by the cow) took over.

Fortunately, a large contingent of the bison industry supports the restoration of bison on Native American land and the resurgence of their community. Our intention at Tribe Vitamins is by offering you the most pure, premium, effective & traditional supplements that our indigenous ancestors relied upon (even before the modern supplement market) that we can upgrade & regenerate the health of our Earth by increasing the global demand of Bison. 

During the process of hunting for a supplier, we've learned we are a pivotal point as a society to increase the demand of Bison only fed grass (and not finished with grain). About 90%+ of Bison Ranchers seem to finish their Bison with Grain as most customers are confused thinking all Bison is GrassFed... this is not at all the case, and we intend to shift the Global Demand of 100% Grass Fed/Finished Bison, and Bring Back the Bison population to over 1 million again. Our research indicates there are currently around 1/2 Million Bison and around 100 million cows ... this is an imbalance we are trusting we can help balance out. 

Currently we cannot find any other Bison Liver supplement on the market up to our standards, so we are excited to offer the most pure & premium Bison liver supplement available.

Our target market is really anyone that believes in organ supplementation as we believe this is the most natural and potent one available, and will be especially effective for athletes, pregnant moms, and recovering alcoholics & vegans.

We trust by shifting the demand from cow to bison with our trailblazing product that we will not only increase the health of our consumers, but also increase the overall health of our Earth.