100% Grass-Fed Bison Liver

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Ingredients = Freeze-Dried/Desiccated Bison LiverCellulose Capsules.

Liver comes from 100% GrassFed/Finished American Bison 


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Kendra L.
United States United States
Noticeable results!

After I started taking the bison liver, I experienced an apparent hike in my energy levels and recovery time. There was even a measurable increase in my athletic performance. I am super pleased with what the addition of this product has done for me.

Meghan C.
United States United States

It's an easy way to get nutrition daily. I've felt stronger since taking them and more alert. I recommend them to all my friends and family, life changing.

Sara M.
United States United States
Great product

I’m really enjoying taking this supplement ,and also sharing with my family. Feel lots of energy with both the elk and bison liver. My dogs like them too!

Nadeem E.
United States United States
Amazon Delivery Driver

I deliver about 350 packages per day, and i get in and out of my van 150-180 times. The job isn’t the easiest on my body. Bison Liver helps me keep my energy consistent, and is nutritious, unlike the standard Animal flesh we’re accustomed to. I used to nap in my van every work day, but i don’t nap as often anymore after taking these. I’m happy

Jarrod S.
United States United States
Some confirmed results...will report again.

I remain optimistic that it is truly effective.

United States United States
Noticeable benefits after only a week

After just a week of taking the Bison and Elk Liver, I’ve noticed a few things, one of which really surprised me: 1. Increased (and more stable) energy levels. I’ve recently been trying to reduce my coffee intake because I noticed I was becoming far too dependent on it. I would need an afternoon cup in addition to my morning cup just to make it through the day. After taking the TribeVitamins for a week, I noticed I am fine with just my morning cup and don’t crave another or feel tired in the afternoon anymore. 2. Increase in sexual energy. Not much more needs to be said, but this was very noticeable from about day 3 of taking the supplement. 3. Better mood. Overall, I feel more optimistic and hopeful. I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life before taking TribeVitamins. Can’t say for sure how much the vitamins played a role, but I feel they definitely played some part in helping me overcome the slump I was in. 4. The most surprising was an improvement in my vision. Recently I’ve had trouble with the vision in my left eye and was told I would need an expensive procedure to correct it. It’s a bit early to know for sure, but it does seem that the vision in my left eye is slightly improved from just a week ago before I started taking the vitamins. I’ll be sure to update my review after some more time has passed to see if this trend continues. Expecting even more benefits as time passes. I’m very grateful for Daniel and his work on bringing this to market. Will be a repeat customer for sure!

Jake B.
United States United States

Absolutely loving this stuff! I had heard about the benefits of consuming organ meat before and have never given it a shot because the idea of eating organ meat didn’t sound very appealing. After two weeks of taking these vitamins I can feel a significant difference in my overall well-being! My energy levels are much higher, my mood is much better, my head is clearer, and my Vibe is High!

Brooke M.
United States United States
I really do feel better!

Fantastic supplement. My husband and I could both feel the difference in energy, focus, and libido within two days of taking the bison liver. As a long time vegetarian, the thought of eating meat makes me feel ill, but I was feeling like something was lacking in my diet for a while. I had breast cancer a few years ago and my sex drive has been non existent for a decade since we had kids. My brain feels laser focused, my energy is more even, my sex drive is back. I am shocked at how good I feel. These really make a difference.

Satya G.
United States United States
Husband says Bison Liver gives him more energy!

Both my husband and I can't eat red meat or pork because it's too hard to digest; when I was young, after I gave up red meat together with coffee, all my "PMS" symptoms disappeared. However, our chiropractor told us about how TribeVitamins' Bison Liver gives him energy to last "all day." So, we just ordered our second bottle to help my husband "keep his energy" up without any "jittery feeling" he might get from "energy drinks." Thanks for a great product!

Heather H.
United States United States
Postpartum Must!!!

My body was in need of serious support after my third child (6mo currently). Along with some dietary shifts, I switched to desiccated liver from parentals a couple months ago and noticed a drastic change in my mood and energy very quickly. I wish I knew more about Tribe Vitamins earlier, I would have taken them throughout my pregnancy too.

Luke W.
United States United States
Very clear results!

I take a variety of supplements and have been doing so for the last 15 years. Never have I ever been able to so clearly identify the results and benefits of a single one with such confidence like I can with Tribe Vitamins. After 2 weeks of taking it every day my joint pain in my knees has disappeared along with my dry and patchy red skin. I feel like i'm glowing a bit more than normal. lol, seriously though. In addition to those easy to name results for myself, it's been giving me more clarity / energy throughout the day as well. I am a believer and will be a repeat customer.

United States United States
Bike flow

As a nutritional health coach i’m always looking for new products that will bring people to the next level. I know Daniel for a many years so when I heard he came up with a new product and wanted to give it a try. In this day and age we’re all our food is compromised and people are struggling with their health this is an epic product. Increases bile flow Great for aches and pains in the body incredible for the live and skin. I was so impressed that I will now be a part of his affiliate program so I can sell it so my clients to improve there healing.

United States United States

I’ve struggled with an iron deficiency and low blood pressure for years, causing lightheadedness and sometimes even fainting. No supplement has done more to relieve this and restore my vitality than Tribe Vitamins In January, I finally received the gift of C0V1D My body was working so hard to process this new information that I experienced fatigue and EXTREME sinus headaches for weeks. I thought I would just have to stick it out, but then I remembered these potent little capsules were waiting on my bedside table to be eaten up by a sick Bailey! Tribe Vitamins woke me the heck up and gave me back my strength - immediately! Words cannot express how grateful I am for @danieleisenman and his mission to make the sacred nutrients found in raw bison liver available to humans everywhere!

Matt C.
United States United States
Natural Energy & Stamina

I have experimented with almost every type of supplement on the market and the truth is very few do I actually notice results with. You can feel the energy and stamina after you take this product. It feels like smooth energy, not jittery like caffeine, that seems to stay with me all day long. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is on the fence about buying. It's one of the few supplement products I plan on continuing to take on a consistent basis.

Dallas C.
United States United States
Best products

I felt great the very next day. Wasn’t as tired in the morning and had a lot more energy and strength through the day.

Chef L.
United States United States
New nails!!! And feeling good!

So far been remarkable. My finger nails for years have indicated mineral deficiency with white lines throughout. Then I noticed after 2 weeks consistently taking the Bison Heart my nails are completely clear. I love that natures multi vitamin is real bio available food! After all food is medicine. Energy levels are being optimized as I work and play for long hours with relative ease as I navigate life. Thanks Daniel and the Tribe Vitamin team for bringing to light, through Love, this incredible product and in a greater light the message that Tribe brings to our planet now about ancestral traditions, the beauty and truth of ancestral wisdom I looking forward to see greater impact as I add in the Bison and Elk liver to the regimen!